Tips for Helping with Homework

Helping with homework



  • Provide quiet study time in a well-lit place.
  • Be available to encourage, praise, advise, and supervise.
  • Monitor your child’s understanding of concepts and skills.
  • Check work for accuracy, neatness, and completeness.
  • Provide related home-learning experiences to reinforce concepts learned at school.
  • Cooperate with and be supportive of the child’s teacher.
  • Help your child make education a top priority during his/her school years. 
  • Show, by example, that learning can be exciting and fulfilling.



  • Do the child’s homework for him/her.
  • Make excuses or allow the child to make excuses for incomplete or sloppy work.
  • Change, criticize, or belittle a teacher’s assignments. If there’s a problem, talk to the teacher.
  • Allow the child to skip an assignment they don't like.
  • Fill the child’s life with so many non-school activities there is no time left for homework or play. 
  • Relieve the child of responsibility for getting homework back to school on time.


Websites to help with homework:

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